BC Hydro Microwave Tower, Dawson Creek, BC – December, 2013


BC Hydro designed a concrete foundation for a new communication tower at the Bear Mountain sub-station. TerraCana provided a pile design to accommodate the loading requirements. The design also had to accommodate ad freeze forces from frost heave. Soils were clays over clay till. A total of 15 piles were installed to an average depth of 10 m.

Piles installed with 138 size excavator with 40,000 ft-lbs drive head to 32,000 ft-lbs, with electronic torque transducer recording install torque data.

The pile selected was a “Stelcor” 5.5 inch central shaft, 12” grout column, ULS compression loads of 171 kips and 184 kips ULS tension loads per pile. 4 tension production tests were completed.