Commercial Services

With in-house engineering and construction staff, TerraCana can provide turnkey piling solutions. Whether a company has an in-house team of their own that wants to collaborate with us or they’re looking to outsource all of the work, your company can request any combination of our 4 services:

  • Consultation

    The early stages of a commercial project hold many unknowns: “Can this be done? How? What foundation products should be used? What load capacity is required? What are the working conditions? Is there a need to accelerate timelines or accommodate challenges?”

  • Design

    The time comes to put numbers to paper. Once a pile type and installation method are chosen, the manufacturer needs actual fabrication details. How many piles are required? Of what size? How will they attach to the building? With in-house engineering capabilities, TerraCana can answer all of these questions with thorough and accurate design drawings. Learn more about our pile options.

  • Installation

    Putting piles into the ground requires planning and project management. What are the site conditions? How will the location be accessed? How will materials be acquired and transported? What is the production schedule? What equipment and staff are required? What testing is needed? With decades of installation experience, TerraCana excels at organizing all of these variables. We install foundation solutions on time and on budget, and our specially trained staff ensure that we meet all safety requirements. As a result, TerraCana is the preferred piling subcontractor.

  • Testing

    Load testing provides real-world assurance that a pile will do the job it is designed to do. What load does it need to bear? In tension, lateral, or compression? How many piles need to be tested? When and how should the testing be performed? TerraCana initiated load testing for our own pile installations in the early years, and we’ve been refining our methods ever since. Now we are often brought in to test piles installed by third-party contractors, and we can test a wide range of loads using production testing or testing to failure or sacrificial testing.

Learn about our Load Testing Services