Sonic vibro-driven piles are installed by an excavator-mounted attachment with articulating arms and side-gripping jaws. The driver operates at high frequency, which reduces the amount of vibration, thus allowing installation that complies with municipal vibration restrictions.

The sonic vibro-driver mounts on an excavator using the same pins as a bucket. Dynamic drive forces range from 40 to 100 tons. The high frequency vibration of 3,000 cycles per minute vibrates the soil so that piles can be driven quickly. Coupled with crowd force produced by the excavator, the sonic vibro-driver can install piles into almost any soil condition.


Sheet piles, timber piles, H-piles, and pipe piles can all be installed by a sonic vibro-driver.



Reduced Costs

Sonic vibro-driven piles are more economical to install because they use less equipment and manpower than other pile types. There is less need for support equipment and less downtime on site. Mobilization costs are also lower.

Limited Access

Sonic vibro-driven piles can be driven in limited access areas such as under bridges, inside buildings, and on narrow roadways. The equipment needs only a few inches of headroom clearance. Jobs previously done by splicing lengths of pile together can be done with one full length of piling.

Lower Vibration

Sonic vibro-driving causes less damage to surrounding structures because of the higher frequency of vibration than other vibratory piles or driven piles.


Operators can pick up, transport, and install piling without leaving their cab, which makes for a safer process.

Increased Productivity

Less time is required to install sonic vibro-driven piles.


Sonic vibro-driving works for any application that calls for driven piles, in any location.


The design process for sonic vibro-driven piles is the same as it would be for any driven pile. A professional engineer (P.Eng.) reviews applied load, pile capacity, and soil parameters to determine the size, number, and type of piles required.