Helical Anchors Application And Uses

A helical anchor pier is a deep foundation. Its purpose is to transfer a structural load to deeper, stronger, and less compressible materials bypassing weaker and more compressible materials that would be unsuitable for the support of a conventional shallow foundation.

As a deep foundation, a helical pier should be considered for most applications that would call for a driven pile, drilled pier, or minipile.

Uses of helical piers include the support of new structures and the underpinning of existing structures that have settled excessively.

Helical anchors are used for resisting upward forces, lateral forces, and overturning moments. Applications include communications towers, advertising signs, silos, below-grade tanks subjected to hydrostatic uplift, and tieback anchors for both permanent and temporary earth-retaining structures.

It is important to note that the uses of the helical unit continue to expand with product
developments and engineering experience.