Commercial Applications

When is piling required?

Commercial structures often call for deep foundations. Below are some of the situations when contractors and engineers have called on us to stabilize their building foundations.

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Common Site Conditions

Soft Soils

When the soil near the surface where a structure is being built, renovated, or repaired cannot support the weight of the proposed construction.

Soil Stability

When the soil conditions demand slope stabilization, retaining walls, and tie-back shoring.

High Water Table

When a structure is being built below the water table, buoyancy may be a concern during or after construction.

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Foundation problems should be addressed as soon as they are discovered and before any damage is irreversible. The two most common types of foundation failures are foundation settlement (vertical movement of the footers) and foundation wall bowing (lateral movement of below-grade walls). When damage occurs to commercial structures due to natural and environmental forces, these occurrences need to be stopped. Such instances include:

  • Settlement
  • Supporting Structures During Remediation
  • Lifting, Leveling, and Underpinning
  • Change of Structural Use
  • Seismic Upgrading

Access & Support

Variable conditions require consideration for specific sites. In order to provide safe and efficient access to commercial sites these are some of the conditions to consider:

  • Proximity to Other Structures
  • Proximity to Property Line
  • Shoring and Retaining Walls
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Types of Commercial Applications

• Airports
• Hospitals
• Shoring for Excavations
• Electrical Transmission Lines and Substations
• Oil Pipelines, Boosters Stations, and Pump Stations
• Communications Towers

• Work Camps and Modular Buildings
• Equipment Foundations
• Monopoles, Light Foundations, and Turbines
• Pre-engineered Buildings with No Footings
• Schools

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