Load Testing

With over 20 years’ experience in load testing, TerraCana has become highly skilled. Load testing requires specialized equipment, including structural steel beams that we have designed and built for this purpose. The size of load that we can test keeps growing; our current record is a test of 1.6 million pounds on a single pile.

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When is load testing required?

Load testing is done in a number of situations:

Proof of Concept

Engineers ask us to prove that our piles can bear what we say they can bear. When they don’t know what piles can do, we show them with our load testing options.

Quality Control

We include load testing to verify design specifications.

3rd Party Installations

We can perform static load tests on any type of pile installed by other companies.

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Types of Load Tests

These are the main tests that TerraCana performs:

Static Axial Compression Test

ASTM D1143

Tests the pile's ability to receive downward forces.

Static Axial Tension Test

ASTM D3689

Test the pile's performance under uplift loads.

Lateral Testing

ASTM D3966

Standard test methods for deep foundations under lateral load.

Recommendations for Pre-stressed Rock and Soil Anchors Test

PTI DC35.1-14

Tests the integrity of drilled anchors (recommended procedure).

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