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What is a Deep Foundation?

A deep foundation is a pile or soil improvement solution designed to carry the loads of a structure down to stronger soil layers below.

They are used where shallow soils on site are not strong enough to support the proposed structure on traditional shallow footings. Deep foundation spreads the load out over more soil vertically, increases the soils carrying capacity, and/or end bearing on stronger soil strata at depth.

TerraCana has the knowledge and resources to design deep foundations for a variety of structures. When it comes to larger or more complex buildings, TerraCana will often work with your engineers to help optimize their designs based on our field experience. 

Types of Deep Foundations we install: 

  • Vibratory and impact driven pipe piles, H-piles, and timber piles.
  • Micropiles and drilled pipe piles
  • Helical piles and helical micropiles
    • Large Diameter Drilling
    • Kelly Augured / Bored Piles / Auger Cast Piles / Cast in Place (CIP)
    • Cased Augured Pile (CAP) / Cased Secant Pile (CSP)
    • Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) / Endless Auger
    • Cased Continuous Flight Auger (CCFA)
    • Displacement Piles (SP/DP/TCT) / Full Displacement Drilling (FDP)
    • Rock Auguring
    • Down-The-Hole (DTH) drilling


Soil improvement and piling foundations allow for the construction of larger structures on sites where the shallow soils are not suitable for standard footing and raft slabs. 

Buildings with deep foundations are also often less susceptible to surrounding construction that takes place as a city grows and matures.

What’s the cost of a deep foundation?

Why do I Need a Deep Foundation? 

Why do I Need a Deep Foundation?

In many areas the easily built land has already been utilized or soils previously thought to be suitable for shallow foundations are now known to need pilings. In addition, piling generally makes your building more resilient in the long run and less susceptible to settlement due to outside forces such as changes to the landscape or nearby construction. 

Types Of Deep Foundations