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    Frequently Asked Questions about Flood Control Services

    Should I use earth or sheet pile dike?

    The choice for earth or sheet pile dike for flood prevention depends on a lot of factors. Will there also be a pump station? Is cost a driving factor? Do I have traffic to contend with and if so, how will it be handled?

    For an earthen dike there are considerations such as sufficient space, loading of the soil and its affect on surrounding structure, is the dike likely to be swept away, could the water easily travel under the dike through the soil?

    For a sheet pile dike there are factors such as is the soil suitable for driven piles, what height is required vs the embedment required?

    Ultimately dike builders will often use a combination of the two systems depending on location, we’ve installed sheet pile dikes for bother the City of Surrey and the City of Richmond due to the flood prone nature of some of there areas.

    Does TerraCana do design build?

    Yes, Terra Cana can help to see your project through from concept to completion with our inhouse engineering and industry ties.

    How much will a sheet pile dike cost?

    Every site is a bit different, elevation, topography, length of wall and soil conditions. We would generally say dikes are more often a commercial, industrial, or infrastructure application. Give us a call or send us an email and we can help to understand and price your project with you.

    How do I prevent my property from flooding?

    There are a number of different ways to prevent floods and they are often used in combination. The first is physical structures or changes to the landscape such as raising the grade of the site or building above the flood level. Other physical changes can include building earthen or sheet pile dikes. Mechanical methods such as pumping are also often incorporated as some penetration of the dike (particularly earthen) is to be expected.