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Underpinning Foundation:

Underpinning a structure is the process of installing piles under existing footings, walls, and slabs to reinforce the foundation.

What is the Purpose Of Underpinning?

  • Prevent settlement/sinking of an existing foundation. 
  • Provide support for an existing building or structure during the construction of another. 
  • Installation of new foundation inside existing building to support new equipment or buildouts. 
  • Building an addition on top of the existing building.
All of the foundation technologies we provide including helical piles, helical micropiles, micropipes, large diameter piles, and driven piles can be utilized to underpin existing structures. TerraCana has the knowledge and experience to know which technology is the most appropriate for your underpinning project. 

Underpinning Foundation Cost:

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Underpinning FAQ

How do you Underpin a Settling Home? 

TerraCana generally starts with a site investigation to determine where and how the building has settled, if the building is likely still moving, what the culprit might be, what the layout of the structure is, and if any plans are availible to tell us what the foundation might look like.

With all that information in hand, we then plan a piling layout to ensure are critical points are captured and that the building will be stabilized. This process will also establish how much of the interior of the building will need to be accessed to install the piles.

Some demolition, concrete removal, and excavation is then performed to access the underside of the building.

The underpinning piles (typically helical) are then installed and fastened to the foundation.

Can you raise my building?

While there are always risks of further damage due to more movement, TerraCana is usually able to raise and/or level buildings that have settled. Factors such as when did the building settle, by how much, and what is the current state should always be considered before raising a building.

Can I underpin just part of my building?

Partial underpinning of a structure is often done when there will be nearby construction and the building’s foundation will be partially exposed.

For buildings that have settled, we generally do not recommend partial underpinning. It’s often impossible to tell if the whole building is moving or just some of it as we usually don’t know its exact original position. Partial underpinning can often cause differential settlement of the foundation and in the long term, cause similar issues to the ones that were trying to be solved in the first place.

What Kind of Piling is Used?

All of the foundation technologies we provide including helical piles, helical micropiles, micropiles, large diameter piles, and driven piles can be utilized to underpin existing structures. When it comes to homes, helical piles are generally the most applicable, but TerraCana has the knowledge and experience to know which technology is the most appropriate for your underpinning project.

Residential Underpinning Process

Our process is carried out in 4 steps:


TerraCana works with architects and engineers preparing specifications for new homes. We also offer visual inspections and estimates to homeowners who suspect they have foundation problems. These homeowners are often worried and have many questions. How serious are the warning signs? What are the options for repairing the damage? What costs are involved? How intrusive is the work? Our goal is to remove all mystery from the process, so you can feel reassured knowing that you have a reliable foundation.


Once you’ve settled on the right approach for your new construction or repair, TerraCana will do all the design work needed to get started. Our in-house engineering team prepares detailed drawings that include the materials to be used.


TerraCana has decades of experience building and restoring foundations of all kinds. For homeowners, we can install piled and anchored foundations for existing buildings, new additions, decks, and full-height basements. We also perform lifting and levelling.


Working with a skilled partner like us will take the anxiety out of foundation repair for you. If you suspect that you need remedial foundation work, read on to learn more about the signs and solutions.

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