Helical Micropiles

Helical micropiles combine the technology of helical piles with drilled micropiles to yield the benefits of both products.

What are Helical Micropiles?

Helical Micropiles have displacement devices added above the helices to create a void, which is subsequently filled with grout. The resulting pile has the end-bearing characteristics of a helical pile and the skin friction characteristics of a micropile.


End-bearing and skin friction

A helical micropile provides the benefits of helical and micropiles in a single pile.

Stiffer response

When loaded, the pile provides a much stiffer response when compared to un-grouted helical piles.

Buckling resistance

The grout column provides buckling resistance for the smaller diameter pipe piles and square shaft helical piles.

Corrosion Resistance

The grout column provides added corrosion resistance in environments with harsh soil conditions.


Helical micropiles can be used anywhere that helical piles are used, but they excel in very soft soil.